We offers you the latest and updated model of Apple iPad rental Dubai We believe in customer satisfaction for that our team continually upgrade our equipment so that it can effectively accommodate your needs We at My IT Rental are devoted to delivering you iPad’s on your business meetings and travels, product presentations and demonstration, and training My IT Rental ensures to provide you with high quality services such as local delivery, organizing and maintenance Flexible renting terms either short period or long period rentals

iPad 5th Gen 9.7" WiFi
iPad 5th Gen 9.7" Cellular
iPad 6th Gen 9.7" WiFi
iPad 6th Gen 9.7" Cellular
iPad Air1 9.7" WiFi
iPad Air1 9.7" Cellular
iPad Air2 9.7" WiFi
iPad Air2 9.7" Cellular
iPad Mini 4 7.9" WiFi
iPad Mini 4 7.9" Cellular
iPad Pro 12.9" WiFi
iPad Pro 12.9" Cellular

What Are the Current Trends for iPad Rental Dubai?

Are you looking for a stress-free way to keep your event in Dubai up-to-date with the latest tech trends? If so, our iPad rental Dubai services are the answer! With our innovative rentals, you can take advantage of the most popular tablet on the market today. Make sure no one misses out on a single moment of your event.

At My IT Rental, we provide iPads for rent in Dubai that feature industry-leading tablets on the market. Our iPad Pro rentals feature blazing-fast performance and stunning Retina displays, making them perfect for presentations or as media kiosks at events. They also come with preloaded apps like iWork to offer you maximum convenience. Also, without even having to set up extra hardware or software. Plus, their sleek design makes them esthetically pleasing to use — and importantly, gives your guests the perfect user experience.

What Features Does iPad Rental Services in Dubai Offer?

Are you in need of an effortless solution for your events in Dubai? Our iPad rental services provide you with a range of features that can make your event a success.

  • We offer a wide selection of iPads to rent ranging from the latest models to older iPads. 
  • All of our iPads come preloaded with the latest apps and are ready for you to use. 
  • We even provide a charging station for the iPads so your guests can keep their devices running throughout the event.
  • Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality service, so we always make sure our rental iPads are in full working order before sending them out. 
  • We also provide our customers with fast delivery and round-the-clock support before and during your event.

How Can You Optimize Your Events With iPad Rental Services?

Our iPad rental services in Dubai offer a range of effortless solutions for your event. From digital signage to interactive polls and surveys, you can use our devices to take your events to the next level. Here’s how:

Easy & Flexible Digital Signage

Showcase your brand and streamline communication with easy-to-use digital signage. Many of our iPads come pre-installed with customizable digital signage software, so you don’t have to worry about complex setup and deployment. Plus, with our intuitive software, you can make changes on the fly and customize the look and feel of each device in just minutes.

Interactive Polls & Surveys

Take your events to the next level with interactive polls and surveys powered by our iPads. Get real-time feedback from customers about your products and services, or just open up a two-way dialog between attendees at your event. Our surveys are customizable and easy to use, so you can ask whatever questions you want – no coding required!

Easy Integration With Other Solutions

 iPad rental Dubai can easily integrate with other solutions such as third-party apps, Wi-Fi networks, or Digital Signage Systems. We understand that in today’s connected world, there is a need for systems that are specially designed for seamless integration with existing hardware or software platforms. That’s why we offer fast integration services for all of our devices, so you can get up and running in no time.

What Maintenance Support Is Included With iPad in Dubai?

When you rent iPads with us, we provide more than just the hardware. We understand that when you rent iPads for an event, you want peace of mind and assurance that they’ll work flawlessly. That’s why iPad in Dubai comes complete with maintenance support from our experienced team.

Software Updates & Bug Fixes

We make sure all the tablets we rent have the latest software updates installed and any bug fixes needed to ensure smooth performance. Our team of tech experts can troubleshoot and debug any issues required before your event to avoid disruption on the day.

Battery Replacement & Charging Solutions

We guarantee quick battery replacement should the need arise. And if you need power on demand, we can provide charging solutions to keep all tablets running throughout your event.

Network Support

If you’re worried about getting a reliable network connection at your venue, iPad rental Dubai also includes network support options for uninterrupted connectivity throughout your event in Dubai. No matter what type of internet connection is required, our team of specialists can help make it happen with minimal fuss or stress.

Are There Any Set-Up or Customization Options Available?

We know that when it comes to events, sometimes a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t do. We understand that your event is unique and you want your renting ipad Dubai to reflect that. That’s why we offer additional customization and set-up options for your rentals in Dubai.

Configure Your iPad Rental Dubai

Plus, you can have us configure the iPads with any special settings or apps you need so they are ready to go when they arrive at your event. All configurations are locked down with a password so they don’t get tampered with while in use and will only require user authentication to unlock.

Onsite Support

Finally, if you would like access to onsite support for setup help or additional services during your event, we also offer tech support services onsite as needed. Whether it’s prepping the iPad rentals or running diagnostics or training users during the event, we can be there for whatever is needed!

Can I Extend the Duration of an iPad Rental Agreement?

We understand that plans change and events can be extended, so we’re here to support you with the extensions of your iPad rental agreement.

Can I extend my rental period?

Yes! We allow you to extend the duration of an iPad offers UAE agreement as long as there is no conflict in date and time with a pre-existing booking. All you have to do is submit an extension request prior to your initial return date and time.

How much time do I have to submit a request?

You can submit a request at any time before your original return date and time. We often recommend that you submit your request with ample lead time so that we can ensure the availability of the iPads for rent.

If you find yourself in need of more iPads or longer rental periods, our team will be ready to accommodate any needs that arise during your event planning process.


With  iPad hire services in Dubai, events can now be free of the hassle and stress that comes with managing technology. Our ipads and accessories come with up-to-date software and practical, easy-to-use applications that can be tailored to your exact needs. We understand the demands of fast-paced events and have revolutionized the way businesses hold successful events in the UAE.

How much does it cost to rent an iPad in Dubai?

The cost of renting an iPad in Dubai can vary depending on the model, rental duration, and any additional services you require. It’s best to contact an iPad rental company directly for a quote.

What types of iPads are available for rental in Dubai?

Most iPad rental companies in Dubai offer a wide range of models, including the latest iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. Some companies may also offer older models at a lower cost.

How long can I rent an iPad in Dubai?

Rental durations can vary depending on your chosen company, but most offer daily weekly and monthly rental options. Some companies may also offer customized rental plans to suit your specific needs.

Can I customize my rented iPad in Dubai?

Yes, many iPad rental companies in Dubai offer customization options. For example, adding your company logo or pre-installing specific apps or software.

Do iPad rental companies in Dubai offer support and maintenance services?

Yes, most reputable iPad rental companies in Dubai offer technical support. And maintenance services to ensure that your rental devices are always in good working order.

How are the rented iPads delivered and picked up?

Most iPad rental companies in Dubai offer delivery and pickup services to your chosen location, whether it’s a hotel, office, or event venue.